Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Westie Foundation of America & The Fall Issue of WESTIE WELLNESS

 Derby's cute little face is the feature photo
in the Fall issue of WESTIE WELLNESS
published by the
ATOPIC DERMATITIS in the 21st Century
Information to help your allergic westie
Written By:  Valeria A. Fadok, 
DVM, PhD, Diplomate, ACVD
Gulf Coast Veterinary Dermatology,
Houston, TX
Is a skin disease associated with an allergic response
to a number of environmental allergens, including
pollens, molds, dusts, danders, mites, and
in some dogs, food as well.
Westies are one of many breeds predisposed
to atopic dermatitis, and there is no cure
of this chronic disease. BUT ...
successful management IS possible.
Ok Derby ...
We have learned a lot about canine atopic dermatitis in
the last 15 years.  We use to think that dogs were
exposed to their allergens through the mucus 
membranes of their nose and mouth, and that somehow,
these proteins made their way to the skin to cause
allergic reaction.  We now know that dogs
absorb most of their allergens through their
skin, which explains why we see the lesions where
we do:  the skin of the feet, the axillae, the abdomen,
the groin, as well as around the eyes and mouth.
Some dogs will have itchy ears and itchy rumps as well.
Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that is
associate with genetic predispositions, and is caused
by abnormalities in immune function and in the
skin barrier.  Because atopic dermatitis in dogs is
very similar to that in people, we can use the
research done in humans and mice to understand
the canine disease, and use this understanding
to improve our options for treatments.
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  1. Oh wow! I love your picture and I am really interested in reading more on the article too. We will hop on over and check it out!

  2. That was very informative. On the good side my paw is now healed and I am no longer licking and my tummy so far is back to normal. So all OK. Thank you for the time and trouble you took to make sure I was OK. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. how cool that Derby got his picture published. Good information too

  4. Derby, you are so handsome! Thankfully, Bonnie doesn't have it, but her vet has recommended that I bathe her once a week to help with seasonal allergies. She got a bath today!

    Thanks for the information, Katie!


  5. "Westie Julep" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  6. Hey...are y'all OK up there????? Did Sandy hurt anybody your way??? We're thinking of you.

    Arooo Stuart

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