Friday, November 16, 2012

Final Class in Learning to Sew American Girl Clothing

 Wednesday evening was the final sewing class at the Y.
Today's lesson plan was to teach the girls how to construct a
pair of pants with a simple elastic waistband
as well as learn to make a long sleeve draw-string top.
 There was enough instructors in the final class
 so everything moved along nicely and
the girls were happy to complete both projects.
 Working at the child's individual pace 
with a personal teach goes a long way in
helping them understand sewing
techniques and construction.
 She was my favorite in this class.
Her mom was helping her with the sewing
machine since she couldn't reach the
sewing machine peddle.  I think
she will be a fashion designer.
 The group at work.  No time for chit-chat.

 With a variety of rick-rack and ribbon
each girl had a choice to pick from.
This gave their top a fancy look.
 It was a little challenging to have the
girls push though the ribbon on their
tops but they all did a great job.
 This little girl was proud of their matching
coats and wanted her photo taken
with her doll.
 As the girls finished their two projects I asked
them to pick a bag from the big wicker basket.
 With Christmas right around the corner I
thought all the girls could use a nice fancy
party dress for their dolls ... so I made
10 of the same pattern and wrapped them in tissue.
 10 Dresses in 2 Days
I can honestly say that is a record for me
{not to mention the 10 pair of pants}!

 Since it was my idea to make pants in the 
final session I made each girl a pair of
fleece holiday pants to take home.
There are 'talks' in progress about running
this program at the Y on
Learning to Sew by Making Clothing
for the American Girl Doll
for the spring of next year.
Have A Great Day


  1. That looks like it was a great success and we are pleased for you. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sure looks like they had a good time and learned well. Love the dresses you made