Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sewing For The American Girl Doll

We've been super-busy around the house ...
getting settled back in from our vacation in Duck,
Super-Storm Sandy clean-up, finishing up four quilt
tops, and working on detailed instructions for the YMCA
class that will be teaching girls to sew clothing by
using American Girl doll patterns.
That's okay Mommy Katie ... I know how busy
you are so you don't need to give me a bath
[Derby on the other hands needs one!].
 So between all the stuff ... I wanted to also catch
up on posting all the sewing projects that are now completed.
 I like to post the clothing here for you to see
but should you be interested in seeing
my running record of everything I've made in one
spot you can visit:

 What I don't have ... is a lot of pants & tops ... until now.

 The gingerbread material is  leftover from the aprons
I made.  I'd love to find more of this fabric to
put away for next year.

 Julep ... Has The Frizzes
On the rug in my sewing loft ... hopefully,
she'll be groomed over the next two weeks.
Guarding my thread and ribbons
[and in my way].

 Today is the Day!
This afternoon is the start of the YMCA after school class
to teach girls how to sew using American Girl doll patterns.
Today's lesson ... a simple lined dress.
Originally we only had four girls sign-up but yesterday we
received notice the class is now full with a total of ten registered.
 I had 8 made and needed to make two more quickly
last night ... one for each student to take home.
They will be sitting on their sewing machines when they come in.
Wish me luck!
This class will be interesting and challenging
to the instructors & students.  I'm hoping they can complete
this dress in the 1-1/2 hour session.
Next week the class will learn
... how to make a pair of pants and a matching top.
I've came up with a step-by-step sewing guide for
pants construction and will run it by the head
instructor this afternoon. 
If someone would have told me I'd be teaching
sewing, making American Girl doll clothing,
and learning how to make a quilt five
years ago I would have said they were N-U-T-s
... now look at me!
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  1. Wishing you luck for the class. We hope it goes well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. These are wonderful! I am so happy to hear you doing such a marvelous community service. Sewing is so important and a much need skill to learn. Your fuzzy kids look darling as well.

  3. Julep is very generous to give up her bath time so you have extra time to get ready for that
    You really have taken off with your sewing. Have fun with the class.

  4. What a wonderful wardrobe!!! That's one lucky doll!