Monday, November 19, 2012

We Have Geese In The Creek & Caroline Abbott Is Getting Ready For The Ebay Auction

 All the geese with their 'geese chatter'
is a little overwhelming and so loud 
you can't hear yourself think [even in the house].
The geese have contained themselves to the creek
and haven't ventured into our yard for a 
little snack as this would drive the westies right over the edge.
 We have hundreds of geese this year ...
must on the their path to the winter feeding grounds.

 Derby doesn't care how many geese are in the creek
but he would care if they came into 'his' yard.
 Julep finally said ... if you've seen one group
of geese landing ... you've seen them all! 
 My view from the sewing loft.
They love sleeping on my practice quilt top.
I'm in the process of getting Caroline Abbott
and all her clothing ready to go on Ebay
this week.  The Westie Foundation of America will
be putting these items on Ebay so the purchaser
will pay them directly {the Foundation is a
non-profit so this counts as a tax deduction}.
Photo's on my blog {listed below}
Have A Great Day


  1. Oh and we haven't seen your turkey for a while. The geese would be great dog TV for me. Good luck with the auction. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. wow you do have a ton of geese. I suppose it could get boring after watching them for too long though