Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day & The Inn at Perry Cabin

 All the excitement from our trip to Baltimore on
Christmas Eve was a little much for the westies.
They took Christmas Day to rest from all the family fun.
 Hey Julep ... did someone slip you a mixed drink last night?
Santa was good to me this year! 
My 'mega present' from my darling husband, Wilson.
He knows how much I love anything that sparkles.
Meet my second piece of Roberto Coin jewelry.
 The 'signature' style of Roberto Coin is the placement
of a tiny red ruby on the back.
 Wilson's photo of a crystal angel on our tree
which he made into a card for me.

My Other Gift! 
Two cases of wine which is currently in shipment
from California. We have plenty of shelf space in our
500 bottle wine refrigerator.
 On Christmas Day Wilson & I decided to go to the
Inn at Perry Cabin for dinner.  We sat in the
bar by the fireplace and enjoyed a glass of
wine and a light dinner.  It was very lovely evening
and we decided to make this a Christmas Day tradition.
Living in a 'small town' we saw several friends and wished 
them a happy holiday.  It was  also a surprised to see how 
busy the Inn was with locals as well as out of state visitors.
 Wilson at the entrance to the Inn.
Katie ready to go into the Inn.
The photo's below are all from the public area's of the Inn.
The flower arrangements & the all the Christmas trees
make the Inn a very special place during the holidays.
 The main entrance hall tree and fireplace.

 Wilson sitting by the window in the bar area.

 We had a nice dinner and finished our evening with
 coffee and dessert.  What a perfect way to top off 
a perfect Christmas Day evening!
 Smith Island Cake
 Wilson & Katie by the fireplace.

 There are several rooms guests can come
and relax in at the Inn.  This is the library room.

 The front reception area.

 Fresh orchids.
The Perry Cabin spares no expense on
beautiful flower arrangements.

 Derby wanted you to know ... that while
we were enjoying Christmas Day dinner at the 
fancy Inn at Perry Cabin 'they' had to stay home.

 We hope you had a great Christmas Day.
Now let's start the countdown to
New Year's Eve!


  1. We are so glad you had such a magical time. What wonderful gifts. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Beautiful gift from Wilson and the card is so sweet.
    That Inn looks amazing. Glad you had a nice Christmas