Friday, December 28, 2012

Julep, Derby, Wyatt & A.G. Clothing!

 It's not often I see Julep & Derby snuggle together like this.
 Sit -- Stay -- Look at Me ... Training
 Gail & Wyatt stopped over before Christmas
to pick up Jenifer's cheer leading quilt top & pillows
I made for her bed from the flannel my sister found.
Gail sent me this photo of Jenifer on Christmas Day
wrapped in the quilt I made just for her.
 Julep loves Gail and gave her tons of kisses!
 We kept Wyatt outside.  He couldn't figure out
why he couldn't go in to play with Julep & Derby
and they couldn't figure out why they couldn't 
go outside to see Wyatt.
 Wyatt is one handsome little Norwich Terrier.
Our grand daughter {Kaitlyn} laying on the 
Hello Kitty quilt I made for her as a Christmas gift.
 I hate to take down our beautiful Christmas tree
after the new year begins.  The house always looks so
empty without the holiday decorations.
 I felt like I was Santa's Little Helper with last minute requests for
 American Girl clothing when friends found out that someone
in their family was getting a doll for Xmas.  
 Needless to say there were nights I was burning the old
midnight oil to get a few outfits done for them.

 I absolutely adore the Scottie flannel & made several nightgowns.

I finally realized that if I use a home deck fabric
[which is heavier] the tote bags turn out better. 

Wyatt, what beautiful brown eyes you have {which are
focused on Julep & Derby looking at the front door}.

Have a great day as we
start the countdown t0 2013.


  1. Lovely quilt and how nice to meet Wyatt. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Jenifer looks very happy with her quilt and so does your granddaughter.
    Wyatt is adorable