Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Quilt Is Done ... But First Julep & Derby

 The westies adore being wrapped in a warm
blanket straight from the dryer. 
 They love to look out this window in hopes for anything
to move through the woods in their direction.
 Julep put in a request for her own personal
westie size quilt so I've added that to my
quilting production schedule for this year.
Another grand kid quilt is completed.
This quilt is for granddaughter #1 ... Daisy
 Daisy is an artist {like her parents}.  She can draw and
paint amazing things.  Her mom said she is into fashion,
and flappers ... so this was what I came up with.  Maybe
this will inspire Daisy to design fabric.
 The back of Daisy's quilt is TOTALLY opposite of the front.
{thanks Candy for the encouragement to take this bold step}
 With opposites in fabric and style I figure I have a
50% chance that she'll like one of the sides.
 This quilt took on a life of its own.
I kept adding the fashion blocks on the front panel.
To date this is the longest quilt I've made at approximately
2-1/2 yards of fabric.
 This was a monster to push through my sewing machine
to quilt.  Because of the size I did more than the
usual amount of quilting.  Hard to tell I used a 
bright yellow thread on the back.

 The blocks are made from the custom ordered fabric 
I found on
 Candy {at the Quilt Vine} suggested a solid inside border to 
frame the blocks.  We worked on finding just the right two border
fabrics to add a little more overall width.
Since Daisy is 'into' fashion and lives in Los Angeles 
this fabric was perfect for her quilt.  So now that this 
is done I have two more quilts to make.  The quilt for William
will be a Michael Jackson theme and the quilt for Casey will
be a Paris and dance theme.  Then it's on to the turtle quilt
for my mom.


  1. Brilliant way to watch dog TV all nice and snuggly. Stay warm pals. Have a marvelous Monday.
    best wishes Molly

  2. I want to come back as either Julep, Derby, or Bonnie Blue! ;P

    LOVE the quilt!

  3. Love the period fashion statement ladies fabric. We sketch a lot like that for our totes and cards. Julep and Derby are lucky dogs snuggling under those quilts.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Your quilts are simply beautiful!!! Love the pics of the westies all curled up in the nice warm blankies. My Grand-Dog is a westie and he loves the warmth of the freshly dried towels and blankets too!