Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Visit to the Quilt Vine Fabric Store

 Derby wanted to go for a car ride yesterday but
that just wasn't in the fabric cards.
 My first visit to the Quilt Vine Creative Sewing Center
located in Trappe, Maryland.  Why did I wait so long?
 Meet Candy Stiffler ... owner of the Quilt Vine.
Candy followed her dream of owing a fabric store 
{and teaching the craft of quilting} when
she found the perfect location and house on
Main Street in Trappe, Maryland.
 This fabric was my impulse purchase for the day.
 Meet Candy's daughter ... Faith
 The Quilt Vine is bright, nicely laid out and the fabric is
grouped by color, design and/or style.
I love the touches of whimsy like the old fashion gum ball
machine [pictured above] filled with spools of tread. 
The quilt is simply stunning!

 Lou {pictured above} and Candy helped me find exactly
what I was looking for to complete two of the grand kids
 quilts.  I appreciate all the time and the many bolts of fabric
they pulled from the shelves for me to look at.
 Isn't this fabric stunning?  I love the bright colors and
big bold prints.  I just noticed one that just might work
for the back of the turtle quilt I have on my
'production schedule' to make for my mom to give to a
 relative as a gift.  Guess it will mean another trip!

When I look at all the fabric on the top two shelves
I think ... happy fun fabrics for spring.

 I wish I would have taken a close-up of this
wall hanging so you could see all the details.
Visit the Quilt Vine at:
as well as
Candy's Blog at: 
Julep {being a year older} is a year wiser!
Have a great Sunday,


  1. Fabulous fabrics! Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Gorgeous fabrics and quilts! Poor Derby....hopefully he'll get to go on a ride before the day is over!

  3. I've been wanting to get out and buy some fabric for a few projects I have planned not to mention that fabric you just have to have because, well just because :)

  4. Looks like you found your dream place to shop.
    Sweet William The Scot