Friday, January 11, 2013

Quilt & Sewing Projects

The Scottie Quilt 
Okay Derby ... I get your drift!
 These may not westies but they are the 'close cousin'
to the westie.  I'm still searching for a border fabric.
 My sister and I are going to the Amish Country for a little
fabric shopping on Saturday. This was a last minute decision
and we're totally excited. 
 The Crazy Cat Quilt
Is still looking for a home.  I thought I would be sending this
to one of the grand kids in California but when her mom said
she is into Paris, acting, singing, dance and 80's colors
I decided she may not like it.

 Retro Kitty Quilt
I made for friends {Liza & Harry} as a Christmas gift.  
 When I saw the back fabric I immediately thought of their
kitty named Misty-Moo.  Misty lived a long life 
and this was made in honor of her.
 Mickey Mouse Quilt
This quilt is going to a relative in Delaware.
Karen & Ben adopted an adorable little boy named Hunter.
Hunter, who will be turning 2 in February, is going to
Disney for his birthday.
 I originally planned to make Hunter a small quilt so he could
drag around on the floor and play with ... but as you can
see I became a little carried away with the Mickey fabric and 
now he has a quilt for his bed.
This is one of the happiest looking quilts I've made to date.
Micky Mouse Quilt - #2
 I had enough fabric leftover to make Hunter what I
wanted to make him to begin with ... a small quilt.  

 I learned how to program my Bernina to sew labels.
This quilt top comes from the Bayside Quilters
Community Outreach group.  It will go back to
them next month and will eventually go to a good home.
 This is another kit I made for the Outreach group.
The great thing about Outreach kits is the fabric is already cut,
and the instructions are simple.  It allows {pushes} me to learn a
new style of putting together a quilt.
Making their own playtime.
 Playing and fighting like brother and sister.
 With the mad rush to make American Girl doll clothing
for last minute holiday requests I got a little burned out sewing
'small' things ... so I decided to take a break & make quilts.
I'll get back to doll clothing at some point in the future.

 My favorite pattern for using my small pieces of fabric.

Putting Away The Holiday Stuff 
It's sad when the Christmas tree comes down and all
the beautiful decorations are packed away for another year.
Micky Mouse Back of Large Quilt
This is the back of the larger Mickey quilt for Hunter.
{somehow the picture went out of sequence}

I've set an ambitious schedule for myself in that I want
to complete 5 quilts for the 5 grand kids in California for
Valentine's Day.

Fabric shopping on Saturday will consist of looking for
the fabric for the grand kids quilts.
Here's what I'll be looking for:
Daisy: fashion, haute couture, 20's flappers, retro
Casey: Paris, acting, singing, dance, 80's colors
John: football, music, dark colors
William: Michael Jackson {this is a challenge!}
Nicky: Leggo's, super hero's and the color green

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  1. We love the animal themed quilts. Brilliant. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly