Monday, January 7, 2013

The Party's Over & A Good Time Was Had By All

The westies greeted our guests with wagging tails and big sniffs.
JoAnn ... my quilting buddy.
Barb {our next door neighbor} didn't get lost finding our house.  It's a joke between us.

After dinner we pulled apart our traditional holiday 'poppers'.  Inside were toys, games and paper crowns.

Sherry found a tiny silver watch in her popper which she will use on one of her American Girl doll.  {Sherry loves to make doll clothing & quilts.}

As you can see everyone worn their festive crowns ... while I prepared coffee & dessert for our guests.
Ernie {& Barb our next door neighbors} have known Sherry & her husband {Terry} for years.  They are members of the same sailing club.
I do think it was Lloyd who first discovered the paper crowns in the poppers.  

Hey Lloyd you look pretty dapper in that red crown.
Poor JoAnn didn't find a crown in her popper so she made her 'crown' using one of the decorative table napkins.  How inventive!
JoAnn ... in her 'crowing glory'.
Terry is trying to figure out the game Barb had in her popper.
Sherry {married to Terry} looks very regal in her green paper crown.
Host & Hostess Gifts
 An orchid plant from JoAnn & Lloyd

 A Laura Ashley candle from Sherry & Terry
A bottle of red wine from each couple
 Barb & Ernie, JoAnn & Lloyd & Sherry & Terry
 It was a totally delightful evening and Chef Wilson
prepared an excellent meal.  Now it's time for me to
start taking down the Xmas decorations.
Derby {our little over zealous sniffer} was in
overdrive.  He spent a lot of time with Sherry & Terry 
because they have cats as well a dog ... so
that put Derby in a state of doggie nirvana.  

By the time I was ready for bed the westies {being so exhausted}
 didn't move off the sofa to follow me into the big bed.
That told me they totally enjoyed the evening as well.

~ ~ A Note From Barb & Ernie ~ ~

Dear Julep and Derby,

You two certainly know how to entertain! 
You were so obviously taking delight in everyone's company.
You guys obviously lead a very cushy life over there.
The dinner your folks prepared and served with 
such aplomb was a winner -- the beef was especially yummie, 
which we hope they shared with you "after hours." 

We loved your table decorations;
did you pose for the two floral arrangements?
 They sure looked like you two.

The company was delightful, and Barb enjoyed
meeting a fellow New Jerseyite, from all places,
Glen Rock -- a village just a few miles from her hometown.

Please convey our thanks to Katie and Wilson for 
affording us a delightful evening, in every respect. 
Oh, and tell them we didn't get lost on the way back home!
Hope to see you over the fence soon.
Our best bow-wows to you all.

Barb and Ernie


  1. That looked swell and we knew it was going to be a great night. Glad it all went well. Ho hum back to normal for us too. Have a marvelous Monday now.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. Cute note too

  3. Looked like a wonderful time was had by all!! Everyone was having fun with the crowns!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug