Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter ... Westies ... Wyatt & Gail

 We still have snow on the deck and the Weather
Channel said to look for snow starting today at
3:00p.m. with accumulations of less then one inch.
 Our sunrise was stunning ... I bundled up before going outside.
 Ice on the creek for the first time this winter.
 Just a very thin ice layer but never-the-less it's still ice!
 Julep wants in for breakfast.  Once a week they get something
different like tripe or salmon [which is also made by
K-9 Kravings in Baltimore].  All there food is frozen-raw since
westies are prone to food allergies - there should be no corn,
no wheat and no soy in any food/treat they get.  

 Three hunters and there lab trying to do a little geese hunting.
The geese didn't fall for their disguise.  They left after a few
cold hours of not shooting one geese.
Self-portrait of me!
The first time this year I had to reach in the closet and pull out
[and wear] my warm winter coat.
 I met Gail for lunch at Ava's.  We toasted in the new
year with a glass of Alexander Valley Cab.   I enjoyed
Ava's famous pizza baked in their traditional wood
burning oven & Gail enjoyed a bowl of hearty soup and salad.
 Gail & Wyatt
Wyatt didn't want to stay at home so he stayed in the
car and slept while Gail and I had lunch.
Wyatt has really grown since I last saw him.

 Wyatt looking for that perfect spot to do you know what.

 It was cold and windy but these little terriers are tough.
Wyatt loves Mommy Gail 
Mommy Gail loves Wyatt
All the best for a great day!


  1. What great photos! Brrrrrr....I love snow.

    Arooos, Stuart

  2. Sorry we laughed at the hunters on the floating thatched roof. Several cold hours and not a pop. Clever geese. Your outing looked really fun. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I was wondering what that was in the middle of the water. No way would I be sitting out there in the cold like that.

  4. Isn't snow just the best!!! BUT can you please leave me a comment and tell me just how you get your coat so shiny! is it treats or product or food?! I have to know!