Thursday, February 7, 2013

Derby My Little Quilt Inspector

 Guess my boy has an itch on his back.
What better place to 'scratch' it then my just finished quilt!
 But Derby ... I have pictures!
 This boy is a sniffer.  I swear he must have
been a bloodhound in another life!
 Sniff ... Sniff ... Sniff
 I added buttons to each quilt for fun.
 Westies are a barrel of laughs.
You never know what to expect!

 This is the final quilt for my hair stylist's
adopted little boy Jack who is 4 years old.
 Little boys love super hero's so their quilts are easy.
 This is the completed Princess quilt for my hair stylist's
adopted twin girls who are 3.  The other little girl
is getting the ladybug quilt I showed earlier.
Today's Project:
The last grand daughter's quilt which is turning
out to be yellow and black ... stayed tuned!


  1. Your hairdressers' adopted children will be thrilled. How kind. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You are about to make a family very happy!

    Bonnie is a little bloodhound, too. :D Such adorable photos of Derby!

  3. Oh....last week I posted an update on Holly (on Tuesday).....She looks *great*

  4. Those are really nice quilts and obviously Derby approves