Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quilting Projects Completed

 While I was hand sewing the binding on this baby/lap
quilt I had the brainstorm to post this picture on Facebook
and do a random drawing give-a-way.   If you are on
Facebook you have until Sunday to leave me a comment. 
 Comments are up to 191 ... W-O-W!
I posted an offer to any westie rescue groups and/or westie
 club {in the U.S.} to contact me privately if they'd
like me to design a quilt just for them to use as a fund raiser.
So far 6 quilt requests have come in.  I personally can't think 
of a better cause then to donate my time and effort
to the beloved westie organizations in need.
 This is a panel Deb & I found on one of our fabric
trips to the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania.  I simply
added two border fabrics to make it bigger.
55"L x 35"W 
This is a happy little quilt which turned out larger than I thought.
 The back is flannel.
Michael Jackson Quilt
 Another grand kids quilt is done with one more
to go.  I have fabric ordered [which should be here
on Monday] so I can start Casey's quilt which is
themed Paris and dance.  Finding Paris fabric wasn't
a problem - it was finding dance fabric that was.
After Casey's quilt then it's the turtle quilt for my 
mom to give-a-way to a relative.
 No Julep this quilt isn't for you ... even though
you look great next to the color red.
Hey Julep ... why does your nose look so big in this photo?
 When I left the Quilt Vine I pretty much decided to leave the
Michael Jackson panel in-tack and simply build a
border around the panel ... then I did something completely
opposite once I started working with the fabrics and my
creative juices began.  I like this so much better.
 Michael really needed to be separated and blocked
in black to make him pop out.

 Musical notes made for a simple backing.
I think William will love it.
 These quilts will be returned to the Bayside Quilters
Outreach group to be distributed as needed.
 The calendar panel was on the 'free' table
at the last meeting - I simply cut off the year on
the top and built the border around it.
The backside of the calendar quilt with very
simple quilting.
Have a great weekend.


  1. You always make such lovely things. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It sounds like you are going to be a very busy quilter :) Love the fabric in that first quilt, it's so cute