Sunday, March 17, 2013

If Derby Wasn't So Darn Cute!

 If Derby wasn't so darn cute I would
be pretty upset that he messed up
my perfect little quilt layout.
 If I had a design wall I wouldn't have
this problem ... maybe in the next house.
 Normally I would do my layouts on the
top of the guest room bed but looks
like this isn't a safe place either.
 I have 6 quilts that need completing.
5 for westie rescue &
1 crazy mushroom quilt for me
{who am I kidding the westies will take that over also}.
 Now that I have the batting
{which was on sale at JoAnn's}
I can start the finishing process
on my tops & get them off the bed
and put away in big ziplock bags.
 Derby ... the little sniffer

 He's not happy until he checks
everything out ... and I do
mean everything!

 Press & Re-press ... oh well,
the price you have to pay
for having a Derby!
 Derby's paw prints on the quilts
I'll be working on this week.
 The red & black is one of my favorite
quilts to date.
 I'll have to check my list but I think I
have 10 more quilts to make for
westie rescue groups.
 From quilts to spring fashions
for the American Girl doll
 Isn't this so cute?
This is the first doll tote I made
from the heavier home deck fabric.
 I added 3 flower & two dragonfly
buttons on the front pocket.
 I really like this fabric - it's
so bright and cheery.
 It's hard to see but I added a few
crystals to the daisy's on the top.
 Even the American Girl doll need an 
Easter basket to match their Easter
basket & chick dress.
 Here is Mr. Troublemaker again!
 Cherry Blossom Coat & Easter Hat

 This little tunic dress came out
so cute I made 3 more!
I love this fabric and wish I
had purchased more. 
I think {actually I know} there
will be another fabric shopping trip
to Lancaster, PA in my future!


  1. I love that last dress too, very pretty fabric. Oh man, you are lucky you are handsome dog there, D!

  2. Top of the morning to ya! Have a fabulous St Patricks' Day. Make it a good one.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS Is Derby unleashing his creative side?

  3. Derby is lucky he's cute and can get away with all

  4. You are just too cute...If I were you I would nap on those quilts...they look comfy!! In fact, I sleep on his clothes at night if he leaves them on the floor!

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  6. OH, Derby, you do look incredibly cute there!!! I like to make sure that everything is done correctly and I have to sniff everything as well - I call it 'snoopervising'! And She said that those quilts are amazing - and She really loved the tote bag!