Thursday, March 14, 2013

Modern Quilting ... Do You?

 Bayside’s Guest speaker is:
“Modern Quilting”
Presented by Jessica Levitt
Jessica Levitt, an electrical engineer, computer wizard,
author (Modern Mix), and fabric designer for
Windham Fabrics, will introduce us to Modern Quilting.
As a mother of 2 she has been quilting for over 
15 years and loves all manner of sewing
including costuming.
She has been a wedding designer and
loves event planning.  Jessica will explain the
Modern Quilt movement with a slide presentation
and some of her fabulous quilts.
(Jessica designed the fabric in the quilt above)
 Modern quilting has 'negative space'.
For example, look at the quilt above
the gray is considered negative space as
is the white space in the quilt you will see below.
 Jessica has taken the modern theme into pillows,
handbags, and cosmetic bags.  She also mentioned
she has two lines of fabric currently and is working on
a third collection of fabric for Windham. 

 This is one of the lines of fabric Jessica designed.

Personally, I can't say I'm into the modern quilt look
 but this talk was very informative.  It opened my eyes
to another aspect of the quilting world.
 It's Show & Tell Time!
 This is the time guild members share their completed
(and almost completed} quilts and other fabric
art projects with fellow members.
 This was made at a class offered at by
 Quilt Vine Shop using Jane Sassaman fabrics.

 This is what I call pixel quilting.  The
instructor of this class took photo's and enlarged
the photo's to get the max amounts of pixels to get this design.
Then the class learned how to take the photo and translate it to fabric. 
 This is an amazing technique.  
 Outreach received some beautiful quilts for the cause.

Sandy has the awesome responsibility of pulling
this quilt show together.  If anyone can do
it with precision ... it is Sandy!
There were pre-cut kits made up with instructions
so members could take them home to complete.  This is an
excellent idea to have handmade and
unique items for sale in the Show Boutique.
The Sign-up Table for the Quilt Show
The quilt show has so many components to it
so in order to have everything covered a
sign-up table was set up.  Members could then pick and
volunteer in the area they felt the most comfortable. 
Have A Great Day!


  1. Surprisingly for us we did like those modern designs too. We bet you could do some awesome things with the pixel quilting. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Personally I think I like the look of the good old fashioned quilts better.