Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Grooming & New Quilt Top Progress

 Julep & Derby had a much needed spring grooming 
session several days ago.  They had way too much fur and
Ms. Dorene did a mighty fine job trimming and re-shaping
Julep & Derby to look like westies.
 Derby ... always has me in his sights.
 I was pulling fabric to start another quilt top
slated for a westie rescue organization in the U.S.
Since I promised so many quilts to various groups
my donations need to be simple designs and not complex.
 Julep watching me lay out the blocks.
At least she doesn't lay on the blocks!
 Derby claimed his quilt block.

 Laying out the basic pattern.
My quilts are approximately 2 yards in length
and approximately 45" wide.  That's about all I can handle
quilting on my Bernina.
 I managed to sewn the top together this morning.
Now I will add at least one border ... maybe two
to built it out a little more.

 He's gotta be right there in the center of things.

 I love my little boy so much ... and needless to say
I love my little girl also.  Can't imagine life without a westie or two!
Have a great day ... now back to sewing!
I'm working on a few Easter American Girl doll dresses
which I will post on Friday.


  1. You make lovely quilts. My mom and Aunty D also quilt. I'm sure your new quilt will raise lots of monies for Westie Rescue.

  2. Your babies look beautiful!! Is Dorene Cross your groomer? If she is, you're a lucky lady!! And if she's not, your Dorene does a fabulous job.

    The quilt is looking great - Westie Rescue is lucky to have you.


  3. Oh my gosh, you two look amazing! So clean and trim. And yes, it's hard to imagine life without the likes of us isn't it? She always says 'Life isn't the same without a Westie!



  4. Looking good after your Spa Day guys. Your quilts as always are amazing. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly