Saturday, April 6, 2013

Guess Who's Been Sewing Again

 I've been sewing up a storm yet again.
The spring American Girl clothing
will be donated to several Westie Rescue
groups throughout the U.S. to
help with spring fund raising
{along with their quilt}.
... Sending His Love ... 
Wilson is in New York City
attending a writer/publishing conference.
This photo was taken with his 
phone camera.  I miss the Big Apple but
to be honest I'd rather be home sewing.
 ... And Sew I Did ...

I'm  in love with the tiny crochet
flowers Helen sent me {I'm using them
on everything I can}.  Her blog
has photo's of the American Girl
clothing she made while on
vacation ... Pay her a vist at:

... Saving Scraps ... 
My sister is saving her scrap pieces of
fabric for me.  I managed to squeeze
out these tops from those scraps
{as well as a few pairs of pants}.
The rest of the fabric I cut into
various size blocks to doing
something with later on.
 ... Just Derby ...
The westies are missing Daddy
Wilson ... but we'll be picking him up
from the train station at BWI airport
early Sunday afternoon.  Maybe
he'll bring me a black/white cookie
from NYC.

 ... A Funny ...
Have A Great Weekend


  1. I love the heart shape one. It turned out so nice on the shirt.

  2. Fabulous sewing as ever and the funny....well was very funny.Safe trip home for hubby. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We love black and whites and buy then at the grocery store every so often. Are they a whole lot better from New york?? I bet they are, I remember watching the Seinfeld episode about black and whites. Your clothes are divine! I love the Scottie prints, the black and white with the paw prints, and the sharp visor to match the dress!!!

  4. BOL with that cartoon and the magnets! Well, you know we love NYC here, but those pieces you made are beautiful!

  5. wow you have been busy. The little crochet flowers look great on them too.