Friday, April 5, 2013

Ode To The Deer

 All was quiet throughout the house
until Julep & Derby locked their little
brown eyes on a single deer coming 
from the woods into the open territory
of THEIR yard.


He got up bright and early
before the crack of dawn, 
and waited in this tree stand
for a buck to come along.

His heart is beating rapidly, 
he's breathing hard and fast, 
he knows he must calm himself down, 
he gains control at last.

He listens very carefully 
in hopes that he might hear, 
a sound besides his pounding heart 
beating in his ear.

He hears a sound and slowly turns, 
and sees this pair of eyes, 
then a little coyote scampers out
as if to say, "Surprise."

It's time to go back home for lunch, 
his choice is pretty clear, 
this time he'll choose another stand 
when he goes back for deer.

And that is just what Danny did, 
he chose another stand, 
knowing deer were there before, 
he'd have the upper hand.

But things did not turn out just right, 
the deer were there no more, 
in fact they passed by that same stand, 
that he was in before.

by Patricia Capansky

Selective Memory 
Every time they see a deer {or any
other wild life} they go ballistic like
it's the first time there eyes
have seen this incredible sight.
Tail Alert! 
Bark - Bark - Bark
Here Comes The Deer Again 
Julep's favorite spot is to lay by
the bedroom window and watch
the woods ... she doesn't want
to miss a beat should anything
try to cross.
 The westies barking drove the deer back
into the woods ... but this deer was
determined to cross our property
to get to the other side.
... Round Two ...
 We had our planting boxes
taken out and grass seed put down.
 Posing for the Camera
I snapped this photo from the deck
which didn't seem to phase the deer.
Yes, Julep a girl can dream
about such sweet things
as chasing a deer through
the wild blue yonder.


  1. Hmmmm...wonder if they taste like squirrel???


  2. Pawsome poem. We wish we had wildlife in our garden. Only cats and squirrels and the odd fox. Mind you the barking would not be welcomed. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. This is a cute poem! And I love the picture of both of them looking outside with their tails up!!! SO cute!! Well, an indoor dog has to have just a LITTLE adventure!

  4. The deer are losing so much of their wild habitat space.
    My last scot, Half Pence never barked at them. One time I even watched as they licked each others noses through the fence.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Love that poem. I wonder what Duke would do if he saw a deer walking through the back yard.