Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello My Name Is Katie & I'm A ....

My Name Is 
Katie & I'm A Fabric Addict
 As you know my sister and I were on the road {yet once
again} to the fabric region of Pennsylvania.  We decided
it was time to replenish our stash of fabric.
 Most folks travel to the wine regions but Deb
and I travel to fabric regions.
 Blurry Photo's ... Why?
Because I took them from a fast moving car 
... we were on a mission & didn't want to stop.
 Burkholders ... sitting in the middle of nowhere land
in Denver, PA.   We were the first to arrive.
Burkholder has over 30,000 bolts of fabric to look through
so an early start was essential.
 Sisters on a mission ... we didn't want to slow down
to take pictures so the countryside was a big blur.
 Sauders in another part of Denver, PA.
We purchased more fabric at Sauders for some reason
then at Burkholders.
Bolts of fabric ready to be rolled over
to the cutting table.  Those Amish ladies know
how to cut fabric quickly.
Julep sniffing the stacks.
 It was a good {but long day} for me.  We got up at
5:30am - out the door by 6:30am - and I was
on my way back home at 3:30pm.  I always
have fun with my sister on our little jaunts
to fabric country.
 Drum Roll Please
Introducing My Newest Additions
 These are a few fabrics I'm thinking about using 
for a quilt I'm making for Faye.
 I love the crazy cupcake fabric.
 Gold accented fabric which is hard to see in the photo.

 Hearts, Stars, Dots
All general purpose fabrics.
 The fabric with the green & orange wonky 
lines are from the Grinch line of fabric.
 Impulse purchase - I thought this would make a cute
baby quilt for one of the rescue groups to sell.
 My sister found the 3 matching flower fabrics
and I just had to get a 1/2 yard cut of each.
 The crab fabric is for JoAnn.  Would you
believe this is the only crab fabric I found!  Now
when Deb & I went to Burkholders in mid-winter
they had the most beautiful nautical and sailboat fabric.
 It was a mistake not to buy some when I saw it.

 This I consider my "find" for the trip.
Deb actually spotted this fabric collection.  I think the
dogs are a Scottie and a Westie.  What do you think?

 Derby sticking his nose in the middle of the stash.
 I'm still voting Scottie & Westie
 I plan to make this into a quilt for my
cousin Alberta who is fond of roses.
 Is French themed fabric "in" this season?
 The little white dog 4th of July fabric I found
at JoAnn's.  Don't even ask me how much
ribbon and trim I purchased at the JoAnn's
near my sisters house.
 I wanted a few different color fabrics.
The snowmen were on sale.  The key fabric
is different and the burnt orange block fabric
is for the back of a quilt.
 I love frogs and mushrooms and I guess I
could consider this panel another one of my
"finds" from our trip.  This panel {when done}
will be for me.
Total fabric added to my stash = 63 pieces.
Cuts range from 1/2 yard up to 2 yards.
Now my friend JoAnn sent me a message saying
she didn't know of a Betty Ford Clinic for
fabric addition - but if she does find one
she will make 2 reservations for me and my sister.
Funny ... Funny ... JoAnn!
Debby's New Stash = 53
Next Trip will probably be in July
Have A Great Weekend


  1. Betty Ford Clinic for fabric addition, LOL funny. Glad you had a great time. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. There are worse addictions! I love looking at the fabrics like this - so many pretty variaties!

  3. Oh wow, so many pretty fabrics. Sounded like you had a great time.