Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little Red Box From New York City

 My birthday present from Wilson & the
westies was placed strategically by
my purse just before we went out
to dinner last night.
 ... Cartier ... 
A little red bag from a favorite store.
 Of course I was shocked Wilson
spent that much money on my present ...
but I opened it ... in hast!

Beautiful ... Simple
And I
L-O-V-E Them
When I opened the tiny red Cartier box
I was delight to find a pair of solid
gold earnings with the Cartier logo.
I like small & simple earrings - and these are
 Julep asked Daddy Wilson what's
she going to get for her
 birthday on April 25.
 The Card
from Wilson, Julep & Derby
 I had my choice of any restaurant between
here and Annapolis and I chose my
favorite pizza joint ... Ava's.
 Sharing a nice bottle of
 red with dinner.
 Happy birthday to me.
We enjoyed dinner outside on the
back patio of Ava's since the
weather was perfect.
 Thank You Wilson
for my beautiful new earrings and
the birthday pizza dinner.
{Anyone who knows me knows
how much I enjoy a good pizza.}
 Baked in a wood burning oven
gives Ava's pizza crust a slightly smokey taste.  
The high temperature bakes the crust
very crispy. I believe Ava's is the only
restaurant that has a actual wood burning
oven on the eastern shore.
 Sending A Big 
to all who wished me
Happy Birthday.  Your
words and wishes made my
day even more special.


  1. Lovely lovely birthday present!!! I am so glad you had a great birthday!

  2. HAPPY HAPPY birthday!!!! Your wonderful husband arrange everything PERFECTLY! Sometimes I think most men are lost when it comes to shopping for women's gifts, so he is very special. Everything on your blog today is beautiful or happy!

  3. We are so glad it was a lovely birthday and wow you are a lady with taste but we already knew that. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh, what a WONDERFUL birthday!!! Happy belated birthday.



  5. Beautiful gift, Wilson did good. That pizza does look delicious too and how nice that you had nice enough weather to eat outside.