Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've Been Sewing ... So What Else Is New!

 The fundraising event for West Rescue Austin has come to
an end raising a little over $7,000 to help westies in need. 
 So it's time for me to pack up my donations and ship them off.
 Trying to get the westies to sit for a hat photo is
almost impossible ... but I was working late and they
were in comfy spots on the bed ... thus hat photo's.
 Julep on the pillow ... Derby sitting on my fabric.
 Sweet girl Julep.
 Derby is next to my new little sailor girl dress.  This is such a cute
pattern as well as easy to piece together.  The yellow and pink 
panel is still in the 'looking at' stage ... meaning ... I don't know
what I'll be doing with it!
 I know this will be a small quilt top for a little girl but I'm
still deciding if I should cut the blocks or leave it
as in and just sew simple borders around the entire panel.
 Latest American Girl dresses.
This is for a little girl who is going to Disney on
her summer vacation.
 Had enough fabric to make her doll a Mickey pillow.
 Summer fun dresses and matching hobo bags.
 Another set of fabrics I'm trying to figure out what
to do with are the 3 nautical theme fabrics above.
The large boats don't blend with the two smaller
nautical fabrics so I'll need to look for another piece
from this collection to make it work.  Next scheduled
fabric shopping trip to PA is after July 4th!
 The sailor girl dress with beach bag tote.
 Got in the mood to make this pattern called the
Katie Dress.  Simple and easy I made at least 8 of them.

 It's almost summer and beach time!
 Little Sailor Boy quilt is being quilted
on my Bernina with a wave pattern.
Wishing you a great day and a big thank you 
for stopping by my blog.


  1. Wow that was a great amount that was raised. Bravo. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love your westie photos and captions... ready for a book?
    I'm not a seamstress but I love the colorful choices of fabric... I'm seeing Mary Engelbreit (a fav, tho I wish sometimes she'd turn her scotty into a westie!), and the butterflies, the classic American designs, and the DOGS!
    You are a creative lady!

  3. you sure have been busy. Love the hat photos, so cute