Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Graduation Party

 Today we went to Billy's college graduation party and the
westies had a grand time visiting will all the guests.
 Billy graduated from Salisbury University in May.
The campus located on Maryland's eastern shore is just 2 hours from
our house.  The other good news is that Billy starts a job on Monday.
Good luck Billy - I know you will do well.
Meet Kevin ... a true lover of the westie breed.  Kevin had a 
westie many years ago and from what I understand talks 
are in the works for a possible westie in the future ... but there is a 
little situation going on that involves a cat in the house.
Most westies {not all} would look at a cat as prey
and we all know how that might possibly end - not good for the cat.
Wilson & I waited {very patiently} until my cat passed away
at 21-1/2 years old until we brought Julep into the house.
 Debby took a few minutes from a house full of guests to
say hello to Julep & Derby.
 Kevin sure looks happy ... doesn't he?
Hopefully, over the summer Kevin & Barb
will pay us a visit and spend the night.
We have the guest room ready Kevin & Barb
and the westies would love to see you both again.
There was a ton of food and I was so busy eating
and taking care of the westies I didn't take a lot
of photo's ... we had a nice time and an easy
ride home.  The westies have taken themselves
to bed at 9:30pm so a good time was had by all.


  1. Our Westies love our cats... they were little puppies when we got them, and the cat quickly let them know who was boss. Since then, they have never bothered kitties, and it fact, like them. Oldest daughter rescued a cat who had been dumped at an apartment complex for years and frequently harassed by dogs... right away, the cat figured out her westie (and later mine) were no threat, in fact, they were his buddy.
    Both dogs were very sad when he recently passed away.
    Cats and westies can mix-- if the westies were taught early that cats are not prey... (and both our westies are highly prey-driven-- they just have learned that means rats, mice, squirrels, but not cats are prey)....

  2. So glad a swell time was had by all. BOL do we know the cat thing or what? Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Congratulations to Billy.
    We had a cat in the house when Duke first came to live with us and they got along pretty well but then Duke was only 8 weeks old and didn't know any better :)