Friday, June 7, 2013

To Dinner & A Bath

 The other evening the weather was just too darn nice to stay
home.  It was a last minute decision to take J&D
out to dinner at Foxy's.
 When we walked in I spotted two doggies.  The one you
see and another big yellow lab at the bar.  Now I didn't
know if this dog coming for a visit was friendly
or not - but I wasn't taking any chances.  The owner
{who must have been a little tipsy} wasn't holding
her dog's leash and he was coming towards two
terriers that think they are B-I-G-G-E-R than this
dog.  Derby went nuts and thank goodness this guy
stepped in to stop the dog in its tracks.  It's always a question
about what the 'other' dog will do but I do know 
J&D are not fond of other dogs - they prefer people.
 So after that night out the next day was bath day.
We will be going to my nephew's graduation from college
party in Baltimore on Saturday and the westies needed
a good bath and a little trimming up.
 Julep's self-drying after a bath.  She puts on a show.

Shakin' it out.
At this point I took her to the grooming table.

 Julep cracks me up every time!
 It was getting late so Derby didn't have the advantage
of 'self-drying' like Julep.  With his coat being so thick
it takes me longer to finish him.
It's time to start making cookies
to take to Billy's party on Saturday.
On the cookie menu:
Chocolate Chip & Almond Spritz
Have A Great Day


  1. We have a café we use to go to in the middle of our park and we were the only ones on leads. Chaos with dogs and food. We don't go anymore for that reason. J&D you look great. Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your baking.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You would think people would be more careful with their dogs. Not paying attention could ruin a good thing for everyone.
    Someone else is in need of a bath and it's on the to do list for the day