Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Westie on A Westie in Paris Quilt!

The Official Quilter Sitter 
Oh ... I've been so busy sewing 
quilts and doll clothing I just haven't had 
much time to post my progress.
 Photo session over and out ... 
there is a squirrel on the deck!
 The light wasn't right and I promise
to take a better set of pictures once
I hand-sew the binding around the edges.
 Julep didn't want to miss out on the
squirrel action but had to take
a second to figure out the direction
Derby took off in.  She was resting
upstairs on the table when Derby
went after the squirrel.  Needless
to say the squirrel was long gone
before Derby got outside.  In any
event, it was good exercise for them.

The back of this quilt is done in
a black & white Cafe Fifi fabric.
.. Thanks for visiting ..


  1. Derby is a very good quilt sitter. He adds that extra something to an already wonderful quilt

  2. Squirrel stalking is just the best. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Good evening, Derby! I bet you love that quilt because I know I do!

    Katie, this might be my very favorite one yet. The fabric you used is perfect....I love the Scotties and Westies!