Sunday, July 7, 2013

When God Created Westies

 So true & so perfect!
 This deer came so close to the deck
as you can see.  Funny thing was the westies
didn't even notice or bark ... how strange!  

 Stargazer blooming time in our garden.
Water lily's blooming in Longwood Gardens.
Time to plan another visit to this beautiful spot.
Today's project will be ... 
Machine quilting 2 sock monkey quilts
and 1 Westie in Paris quilt.


  1. Stay cool and go over and say hello to the deer!!

  2. OMD the deer was so close. Have a serene Sunday and enjoy the sun.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love that, when God created Westies. Yes it is true.
    How cool that the deer came so close

  4. oh, wow, look how close the deer was. Love the stargazer, wish they last longer.

  5. Showing off...tee hee! I like that one!

  6. When God created Westies, He was showing off! I love that one! Do you sell that? I would truly like to have the info.