Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back From Fabric Shopping in the Amish Countryside of Lancaster, PA

 Can you tell how happy Julep is to see me after my overnight
shopping trip to Lancaster with my sister?  I think she was
mad because she couldn't go.
 Julep in the frog position watching TV.
 Deb & I hit all 6 of our favorite fabric stores in
Lancaster, PA in two days.  The Old Country Store
was our last fabric stop for this trip.

 Before I show you my fabric finds ... here are
pics of the Amish countryside, the folks & their buggies.
 I can't believe we didn't pop into the Doll Outlet
and will have to plan that stop for our next trip.
 Buggy Rides Anyone?
 The buggies were out in full force yesterday.  I have to give the
Amish credit for holding on to their believes & traditions. 

 A mother and her two boys coming into town.
 I think the no parking sign is for cars and not horse and buggy!
 ... Now On To Fabric ...
 Total pieces purchased = 66
A lot of this bug/candy/nautical fabric is in
1/4 yard cuts or 1/2 yard cuts.  I'm planning to make two of the
bug in the jar quilt patterns for twin boys.
 I love this fish fabric.
 Candy anyone?
 I thought it would be fun to see how Superman looked
in the bug in the jar pattern.  In case you don't know what
the bug in the jar pattern is ... 
well, you'll just have to wait and see!
 Cool cars for the back of the boys quilt.
 Various fabrics I'm thinking about for using as the lid tops.
 More Sock Monkey fabric for my stash!
 A little Christmas fabric.
 The poinsettia and snowflake fabric I just couldn't resist.
This fabric is absolutely stunning and the pics don't do this justice. 
The question is ... will I cut it or will I save it? 

 The new collection of chick-a-dee holiday fabric for this year.  
I really can't wait to make this quilt ... just for me.
 I purchased this fabric to use for quilt backs.
When I make quilts for donation [to westie rescue groups] I
like to use a very general print for the back.
 Have a little sparkle!
 The two candy fabrics are only 1/4 yard cuts.  I thought
it would be fun to start collecting fabric for the
bug in a jar quilt using candy which will be for a little girl.
 Various fun fabrics.
 Martini anyone?

 Paris fabric ... I'm starting to collect fabric with a
Paris theme to make a quilt for one of Wilson's writer
friends who loves Paris.
 Wilson really liked the book fabric.  How can I work the
book fabric into the Paris theme quilt for his writer-friend?
 I was so happy to find the center panel for the quilt pattern
FrouFrou.  In the last Westie in Paris quilt I made [using this pattern]
I had to create my own center panel ... now I have the original
panel to use so I will make this quilt again.  Another fun quilt
project to add to my ever-growing list of projects.
My stack of handwork which will complete 3 quilts.  
I sew the binding on the old fashion way with needle and thread.
Each quilt takes me approx. 4 hours to complete but it's 
 a real feeling of accomplishment.
Hope you enjoyed today's blog post.
Have a great day!


  1. We give peeps the cold shoulder if they away too long too. Love the jolly fabrics. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. FUN, FUN, FUN Fabric.

  3. Look like you had a great time. So many fun fabrics. Looking forward to see the bug in jar quilt. Doll store? I have to check that out.

  4. You got some great fabrics there. That should keep you busy for a while :)
    Love all the pictures of the amish. We have a lot of them living around here and I can't imagine living that kind of life style.