Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 Tiny Boxes

 Before we get on to what's in the 5 tiny boxes
Derby wanted to say good morning world.
We know some of you live far far
away and are on different time zones ... so
to you Derby wants to say good evening world.
This fits Julep & Derby to a tee! 
... ... ...
 As you may remember I made duplicate 
American Girl dresses for Faye so she
could keep one and share the other.
Faye's mom is super-talented ...
actually amazingly talented.
As a thank you for Faye's box of dresses
I received a surprise package of 5 tiny
boxes in the mail from Faye's mom Helen.
Look at what filled the custom boxes 
{also made by Helen}
Little AG doll shoes that matched the
 color of the decorated box.
These are over-the-top cute!
And ... also look at the two cards Helen
made behind the boxes {above}.
 Hop over and visit Helen & her blog 
"Let's Create"
 Can't decide which pair I like the best.
I will only keeping one pair and share
the rest with other little girls I sew for.
{don't want to be a shoe hoarder}
Thanks once again to Helen for sharing
her amazing & creative talents with me.
You Are The Best!
Have a great day & happy creating!


  1. Those shoes are just adorable!
    My Hubs says my Daisy is just like one ear and out the other and stubborn. ha!

  2. How nice and aren't they cute. You are both very talented. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS Love the mans' best friend.

  3. Those are really cute. I saw the ones she had posted on her blog. Helen is amazingly talented.

  4. Oh, I love the group picture. It made everything even prettier.