Saturday, July 13, 2013

Give Me That Sock Monkey Quilt & No One Will Get Hurt!

 While the westies are monkeying around I was busy
putting the finishing touches on this cute little
sock monkey quilt.
 I do believe these two are plotting just how to 
get that  quilt off the chair and onto the floor.
 The look of ... we're not doing anything Mommy Katie.
 This quilt will be going in the mail on Monday
to Lauren who has a 7 month little boy.  Lauren also has
two little girls and one has an American Girl doll.
I going to send her a sock monkey dress for her doll.
I'll post all the AG clothing I have done on Sunday.

 The Back.
Oh No ... Mommy Katie you said you would never let this
quilt go.  But alas I will let it go to a newborn baby who
lives in Kentucky.  His room is decorated in the sock
monkey theme and his grandmom just had to have
it for him ... I had no idea that sock monkeys were
such a big deal ... maybe even getting up to a cult level! 

 Monkey Around.
 The Back.
 Sock Monkey Quilt #2
Just off the sewing machine and the binding
is not done yet so pardon the creases. 
I had enough fabric to make a second quilt and it also
will be going to a very good home.  Now I need to
buy more of this fabric while in PA with Deb.
 I actually thought this design fit a boy better
than the first one above.
 Looking Over to New York City
Taken by Wilson
Wilson is in New York City until Sunday.  He is taking
an intensive Nikon Mentor Series class.  This class is 
teaching how to take pictures using light with all the
fancy gadgets he has for his camera. 
 The group also went on one of those open top sight
seeing buses and this is one shot Wilson took between
the rain drops.  The class also learned how to take
portraits using cute young girl models ...
{be jealous here}
So while Wilson is in the Big Apple taking pictures of 
cute girls, places, and things ... I'm home playing with 
my quilts and sock monkeys.  It truly boils down
to what makes you happy ... I'm totally happy
doing what I do ... and ... giving to others to
make them happy.
Don't Worry ... Be Happy


  1. Hope you get some of the big easy in today and stay happy. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I remember sock monkeys being big when I was little but I never had one. I agree they're cute but don't understand how they got to be such a big
    Both quilts are great

  3. The sock Monkey quilt is really cute! Have a great Sunday!