Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Buzz Cut & 1 Sock Monkey Quilt

 Yesterday's grooming was to get the summer buzz cut. 
 I think they feel better [or at least feel cooler] 
having all that fur taken off.
 There's a deer in them there woods!
Julep was just to busy to show off her summer cut. 
Remember the single deer photo from a few days ago ...
[she was by our hydrangea's] well she is now in the woods
close to the house.  Nature's entertainment for the westies.
 Derby figured why should he bark when Julep is doing enough 
barking & carrying on for both of them.
 Sock Monkey Quilt #1
 One of today's many many projects is to start
hand-sewing the binding around the edge.
 Yet another quilt I'm going to have a hard time
donating to a cause ... but I will do it.  
 This is Wilson's favorite of the two.  Sock
Monkey Quit #2 is more linear in fabric placement.
 I'll be heading to fabric county in Pennsylvania in approx.
10 days with Deb for a mega shopping spree.  
I want more of this fabric to put away in my stash.
 Wait until you see the Sock Monkey American Girl
dresses I made from the leftovers.  Super-cute!
With a promise of a treat I got Julep and
Derby to sit on the quilt at the same time.
As they say ... anything is possible with a treat!
~~ Have A Great Day ~~


  1. Sock monkeys are great, and I'm LOVIN' the summer do's....Bonnie got hers last week. WIth all the rain at the lake, she froze, and kept shaking in the air conditioning. I had to wrap her in a blanket!

  2. Looking good all clipped down and enjoy the deer TV J&D. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. They look great with their buzz cuts and I'm sure they feel great too.
    That sock monkey fabric is adorable