Monday, July 1, 2013

New York City Library & Bryant Park

 Bumper to bumper traffic in midtown Manhattan
 Wilson ready to take a photo of the front of the New York Public Library
 but he sees Orvis out of the corner of his eye!
 Main entrance hall of the NY Public Library.
As many times we have walked past the library
this time we decided to go in.
 Index card system ... the old fashion way to locate a book.
 How many libraries have walls, ceilings & lights like this one.
 Trying to find lunch we went into the restaurant but were closed for a wedding.
 It was a beautiful day in NYC for the bride & groom.
 How cool is this in midtown for children.
 A big bunny with big ears.  Thank goodness
Julep & Derby didn't see it!
 Who knows the ticket cost but I'm guessing it's
probably pretty steep just like everything in NYC.

This area of the park had all sorts of games to play.
I even saw a group of parents playing Candyland with
their children.

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  1. the inside of the library is quite grand isn't it. I'm laughing at the thought of Julep and Derby chasing that rabbit