Monday, July 1, 2013

Rock Center & Bouchon Bakery

 A trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without going to
Rockefeller Center.  We tried to get tickets to go to the
top of The Rock but the wait was longer then we expected.
 I did a little work on these photo's from
my original post making them a little darker.

When Rock Center is finished with this crystal waterfall
I'd be glad to take it off their hands.

 This beautiful outside dining area will change to an ice skating
ring for the winter months and host the NYC Christmas tree.

 Strange stones in a strange place. 
 Pastry Chef Bouchon has a sweet little spot in Rock Center.
 I'll take one cup of coffee and one of those tiny coffee cake.


  1. So pretty! HOw long are you staying for? I work all the way downtown, let me know if you need a tourguide!

  2. that crystal waterfall sure is amazing. Those pastries look pretty amazing too :)