Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Lasagna Quilt

 Julep & Derby's favorite spot while we're
fixing dinner ... amazing we haven't tripped over them!
... now on to quilting ...
 The Lasagna Quilt
This quilt pattern is called lasagna.  How designers
decide on the pattern name is beyond me.  The cuts are a simple
4" x 20" length of fabric with [of course] some
'off' cuts of various sizes [just so it doesn't look planned].

 I took liberties with this pattern and customized it 
... meaning ...
the pattern said no two pieces of like fabric {4" x 20"}
should touch ... but I did just the opposite - letting
all the like fabrics touch and not allowing the 
"off" cuts to touch.

 ... The beauty of quilting ...
you can take pattern liberties and still come out
with a beautiful and unique creation.
 This quilt was made for a special blogger friend
who never fails to leave a positive [and sometimes funny]
comment on just about every post I do. 
 This quilt went to Ann over at the blog
Ann is a creative artist and loves to do crafts.   While
I was in the 'thinking stage' of this quilt I knew
I wanted to incorporate the swirl fabric to represent
Ann's artistic side.  Since Ann also has a westie
[named Duke] I used pet-friendly fabric for the back.

Stop by and visit Ann's blog to see what she's working
on for an upcoming holiday craft show.
Make time to smell the flowers!
My self-imposed projects for today are ...
 to put the binding on the the two 'bugs in the jar' quilts
I'm making for the twin boys plus make two pillow cases
to put the quilts in and finish up some more American Girl dresses.


  1. BOL we do that in the kitchen but we never stay in one spot so the peeps have to be extra careful. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love the way you put this quilt together and Duke and I have both been enjoying it since it's been getting cool in the evenings.
    Duke normally lays on the kitchen floor right in front of where I'm working when I'm making dinner.

  3. The quilt is lovely and it reminds of Ann...bright and cheery! What a special gift you made for a very special person!!

    Love the sweet little doll clothes you make!