Monday, July 29, 2013

The War of 1812 & The Battle for St. Michaels, Maryland

 Welcome to August 10, 1813, in the little town of St. Michaels, Maryland.
On this hot, dark morning the feared British Navy attacked
the town of three hundred, defended by local militias.
 Wilson was part of the team making "We Are One"
The War of 1812 happen.  This was a year in the making.  
 This publication excited the interest of accomplished
and renowned historians and writers who have
contributed to the book on a volunteer basis.
Hundreds of volunteer hours made it possible.
 Locate St. Michaels on the map and you
now know the area we live in.  Baltimore
and Washington, DC are approx. 2 hours from us.
 I have to admit I'm very, very impressed with the stories,
pictures, and quality of this book.
 Here are two samples of the pictures Wilson took.
 Miles River & the town of St. Michaels now.
 Saturday evening we went to the book release
party at the Wades Point Inn which was a sold out affair. 
Many of the story contributors shared interesting
facts about their research and pieces they contributed to the book.

 A horse & buggy ride took guests to the historic cemetery
located on the property of Wade's Point.

 Wilson asked this gentlemen to smile for the camera
and he politely said solders did not smile when their
pictures were taken ... so there!

 After the event we went for a quick dinner {of course}
in St. Michaels ... a town rich in history.
Now if you want a copy of this book I'm not sure
how the Town Commissioners of St. Michaels 
will be distributing this for sale.
The price is $10.00 which is a steal.


  1. Lovely to have a book on your local history. Well done all who contributed. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That book was some projects. Awesome that there were so many volunteers to work on it.