Monday, August 12, 2013

The westies had a bath and a few little dresses!

 It was bath day for the westies and needless to say
they were not very happy with me or the bath!

 Showing some attitude!
 Do you think Derby wants my attention?
He parked himself right on my newly pressed American Girl dresses.
 Guess you could say they are getting a butt-pressing!
 Don't let this cute westie face fool you.
 And ... don't let this cute photo fool you either.
These guys can play pretty darn rough with each other.

 Julep wants to know ...
if I stand on Mommy Katie's fabric do I look taller?
 It was time to clean out my scrap bin and these are
the little dresses I made all from left over pieces of fabric.

I'm in the process of collecting more sock monkey fabric!

 I made these pillow cases for two little girls who will
be paying me a visit next Monday. 
Thanks for stopping by ... hope you have a nice day.


  1. Oh you both look so beautifully clean!! Squeaky!

  2. Oh no not time for the dreaded bath? Why can peeps not understand furs and water do not mix? Big sigh....we feel for you pals. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. They look squeaky clean and oh so cute. Those are cute dresses too