Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Variety of Pictures This Sunday Morning

 Happy Sunday to you!
It's a beautiful day here on the eastern shore of Maryland.
 Our grasses have sent up their plumes and it will be 
time to close the pool at the end of the month.
 Beauty Berries provide food for the birds in the winter.
 It's sad to say I have only seen two monarch's this year.

4 Blocks Leftover 
I just had to do something with these so I made a quick pillow.
We still need to get to the Farm Fresh Market on Saturday's
in St. Michaels to give Carol B. her quilt [now] with this matching pillow.
The Sample Dress
This is a new pattern my sister shared with me.
I used ribbon for the straps instead of fabric. 
The HoHoHo Christmas Party Dress 
Left over fabric from a set of pillowcases I made.
 More leftover fabric I had from the retro kitty quilt
I made for my friend Liza last year for Christmas.
 How many more days 'till Christmas?
Derby ~ My Little Fabric Checker 
Leftover fabric cut into blocks of various sizes.
I don't waste an inch of fabric if I don't have to.
Saving for the Scrappy Quilt ... Someday 
 A 'scrappy' quilt is all different colors/patterns/sizes 
of blocks sewn together randomly ='s a scrappy quilt look.

 2-1/2" blocks in my little plastic box.
On Facebook I have found several groups of quilters
that started 'fabric trains' ... I signed up for one.
 My fabric nice and pressed hanging on hangers.
 To some this may look like a lot of fabric ...
... and ... to others this may not look like a lot of fabric at all.
 Derby ... sniffing fabric.
 Folks on Facebook ask me all the time how I keep my
westies looking so good ... and part of that has to do
with their food as well as their supplements.
One spot on our counter is devoted to the westie supplements.
It is important to give your pet a variety of food as well
as a variety of supplements.  Pets that receive the same food
day in & day out will more than likely develop allergy issues.
Ponder this thought ... what would happen if you ate the same
food day in & day out - without change, without supplements.
Visit my Facebook group called:
if you have questions or would like to learn more
about supplements for your pets.


  1. OK note for my lazy variety needed urgently....get to it. Love the pillow. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. now that is very interesting because I remember reading once before that if you changed your dogs food too often it would create a finicky eater. It makes more sense to me though to give them variety.
    I love the background your using today, it's so pretty

  3. I can't find your Facebook group. Help me out, please.
    Thank you.

  4. I found it by going to your Facebook then under your groups. I have asked to join. I asked to be your friend also. I am listed as Ann Baker.
    Thank you.