Friday, September 6, 2013

1 Day ... 2 Pizzas

We have a rather large deck on the back of our home.
This is the side facing the water. That tiny white figure way down
the other end of the deck is Derby sunbathing in his favorite spot.
 On The Road For Pizza
Met Debby in Easton to save time and drove
post-haste to Salisbury for a Ponzetti's pizza lunch.
I'm making a pizza the size of the sun,
a pizza that's sure to weigh more than a ton,
a pizza too massive to pick up and toss,

a pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce.
I'm topping my pizza with mountains of cheese,
with acres of peppers, pimentos, and peas,with mushrooms, 
tomatoes, and sausage galore,
with every last olive they had at the store.

My pizza is sure to be one of a kind,
my pizza will leave other pizzas behind,
my pizza will be a delectable treat
that all who love pizza are welcome to eat.

The oven is hot,  I believe it will take a year and a
 half for my pizza to bake.
I hardly can wait till my pizza is done,
my wonderful pizza the size of the sun.
 Straight from the pizza oven & still steaming
hot ... that didn't stop us from taking the first big bite.
 The original Ponzetti's pizza was a little walk-up place
on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD which is a very
popular vacation spot.  My parents would take us to the
beach just about every year for which I would fall
in love with Ponzetti's pizza all over again.
I guess you could say ... for me it was love at first bite!
After our lunch Deb and I went directly to Hobby Lobby.
We found holiday ribbon and buttons we just had to have.
 From Salisbury we headed back home to pick up the westies.
 Wilson gave them dinner so we just put them in the
car and headed for St. Michaels.  But first Deb and I
took them for a walk around the park and waterfront
before we went to dinner at Ava's.
 Derby ... so cute I can't stand it!
 When we walked to Ava's outside dining area
we saw MacDuffy and his fur-parents Ed & Cindy.
We sat the next table over from them so we could chat.
 I was surprised Julep & Derby were not really excited
to see MacDuffy.  There wasn't even a bark hello... how strange.
Could my westies actually be growing up?
 Ed and Cindy ordered MacDuffy dinner at Ava's which was
a big bowl of grilled chicken breast and chopped carrots. 
 I did take just a few pieces for J&D to sample.
 One set of dinners expressed to the waitress that they were
not happy that MacDuffy was there - they arrived before us.
So I'm sure they were really upset when we came in - but in
Talbot County it is within the law to have pets in an outside
dining area ... you can always tell the non-dog people!
If Pizza Is On The Menu ...
well by gosh we're going to order it!

Deb & I ordered our second pizza pie of the day ...
with the big pizza pie debate ... which one was better ...
still going on between us.
So on that note have a great weekend,
Pizza Girl #1


  1. both pizzas look delicious and I love that poem.
    Maybe those people who objected to McDuffy being there would prefer to be seated near a family with a screaming child. That always makes for a pleasant dining

  2. Ha ha we so agree with Ann. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. so agree with Ann. Those Westie are just too cute.