Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Derby: My Official Quilt Presser!

 What do you do with scraps leftover
from various sewing projects?
You work them into a quilt, of course!
 Derby has accepted the position
of my
'Official Quilt Presser'.
His cute little butt will now
sit on every quilt I make
{like he hasn't done that before!}.
 Here I go again . . .
playing around in my photo software -
A focal b/w enhancement with a 
splash of the poster technique to finish up.
This quilt will be sent off to a westie
rescue group soon.  These groups are begging for donations because they are gearing up for their fall & holiday fund raising events.
By donating I do my small part in 
helping to raise funds. I could never
do what those rescue folks do - I've
seen so many sick westies pulled from
puppy mills, nursed back to health
and given a new chance to be loved
and cared for like they should be.

~~ Have A Nice Day ~~


  1. We know they do a great job and we know they appreciate all the fund raising you help with. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Derby does and excellent job. You are so lucky to have such an efficient and cute little one on the