Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Waiting For Aunt Debby & A Few Funnies

 The westies are going to be so excited when Aunt Debby
walks in the door on Thursday.  She is spending the night with us.
 The first stop with Aunt Debby will be Hobby Lobby [in Salisbury]
followed by a pizza lunch at this little pizza joint just down
from H.L.   On Friday morning we'll visit a few shops in
St. Michaels then grab a quick lunch at Ava's.  The theme of this
visit is fabric shopping and pizza which = a perfect time.
 No Julep ... Aunt Debby isn't hiding in the yard
but she'll be here soon enough to give you big kisses
and lots and lots of belly rubs.
... Now The Funnies ...

 No wonder Derby has taken to sleeping on
Wilson's side of the bed ... I'm just sayin'!

Wouldn't Derby make a cute westie pope for Halloween?

... have a nice day ...


  1. Thanks for the smiles this morning. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. fabric shopping and pizza? I'm seriously jealous :)
    That pope costume is very cute and I think Derby would look awesome