Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Visit to the St. Michaels Farmers Market

 This is our first visit to the St. Michaels Farmers Market this season.
Why ... because I'm really not a morning person.  The market
opens at 8:30 and technically I'm still sipping coffee in my p.j.'s.
 But in saying that we forget just how nice and how much fun
it is to go.  We always see friends milling around with baskets
full of farm fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, and bakery items.
 But to be truthful ... Carol Bean is the reason we really went.
Carol is in charge of pulling the market together each year and she
is a truly wonderful and lovely person to know.  One day I'll
have to see Carol & her husbands farm.
 Sometimes when I see fabric I automatically think of a person.
This was certainly true when I saw the rooster fabric since Carol has roosters
and chickens on the farm.  Now I had the rooster quilt, matching pillow, and
pillowcase done for awhile ... so it was finally time to take it to the market.
Of course Carol loved the quilt and told me she is a big quilt fan. Her grandmother
 is a quilter {feel intimated here} and her bed is covered in quilts.  
 Why didn't we buy garlic?
Homegrown from Carol's garden/farm.
 Carol and her new rooster quilt. We didn't have time to really catch up
between the westies pulling us and customers coming over to her table.
 I thought about buying apples for a pie but didn't want to
stress myself trying to bake a pie before we leave in the morning.
 Now this is real motivation for going to the farmers market!
Wilson did the honors of making selections from the pastry table.
We came home with 2 loves of bread and 6 croissants.
 The westies did very well meeting other doggies this morning.
I would have taken more doggie pictures but our hands were
full between pasties, cameras, and my big handbag.
Time to start packing the car for our road time on Sunday morning.
Next update will be from the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina!


  1. We are so not morning people either but I am sure we got get our butts out of bed for such a cool market. Looks great. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. since I'm up very early every morning 8:30 is kind of on the late side for We don't have a farmers market near us, I wish we did