Sunday, October 20, 2013

I've Been Busy Making Pillows!

 Taking a 'forced' break from making pillows Derby is
letting me know it's 5:00p.m. sharp and it's dinner time!
 I finally decided to take out the massive stack of needlepoint canvases
I made during my pre-Bernina sewing days.
I'm beginning to making them into pillows of various sizes which
is a great way to use up my scraps of fabric.  
 Hours and hours of work went into each and every one of these.
 I'm going to have a hard time parting with these but I know
I can't keep them all ... I have about 40 more canvases to
make into pillows.  I'm going to lay them out on my guest
room bed and take a picture later today.
 I know I should donate this to the WestieMed auction on Facebook
because this group needs the money but I'm still having a hard time
making this decision ... should I or should I not ... is still the question.

 More little gems in the works.  It's easy to sew them together
and stuff them ... it takes more time to hand sew the opening
closed after stuffing.
These cases match a quilt I showed several weeks ago that
I will be donating to the WestieMed auction also.  Two quilts and
two sets of matching pillowcases should bring in some much needed $'s.
Donating the quilts frees up more room to keep the pillows.
There is always a method to my madness!


  1. Those pillows are so nice!!! Looking so spiffy as always!

  2. You are so clever ....they are fabulous. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. what cute pillows. That Westie one looks like it has Derby's name on it :)