Monday, October 21, 2013

Playing in Sock Monkey Fleece

 I pulled out my sock monkey fleece to measure
how much I had.  It's been taking up room and 
I think I originally purchased this to make tiny
sleeping sacks for a small breed rescue group
 in North Dakota.  This rescue takes in Yorkies
 that are sick or from puppy mills.
The fleece sleeping sacks keep them warm and
also helps them feel secure.  It's heartwarming to
see a little Yorkie wrapped in one of my fleece bags.
Now back to Julep & Derby.

 My what pretty white teeth you have ... say ...
thank you Mommy Katie for brushing them.
 No wonder westies have full heads of fur.
It's the preferred way of grabbing there playmate.
 Julep is lifting her pawn to get Derby to move.
 Derby tunneling under 2 yards of fleece.
 Julep ... I know you're in there.
 Never a dull moment when westies play.
 In case you're wondering who is who ... 
Julep is in the front ... Derby is in the back.

Have a playful day & happy week ahead.


  1. The sock monkey fleece is so cute. We can just imagine how much those tiny bundles of fur love their blankets. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. The fleece is so cute! Love seeing the Westies @ play.

  3. You can't use that fleece to make something when Julep and Derby are having such a great time playing with it