Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Rain and More Rough Surf

 Is this rain ever going to stop?
Had a break in the rain about 2:00am this morning so I took
the westies out for a piddle break ... the stars were out but
not for long.  There has to be light at the end of this rain tunnel.
 Not much happening on the vacation front ... just waiting for
this stalled front to move on out of here so we can enjoy
some sun before we have to leave on Sunday.

 Would you believe we still see people with their dogs going to
the beach in this weather ... I don't think we'll tag along!

 Finished hand sewing the binding on this quilt yesterday.
I used scrap pieces of fabric to make it.  Think it would be
cute for a kids room although it doesn't look bad on the back
of this sofa.  

 Of course Derby has to butt-press it!

We did see the sun for about two seconds this morning ...
now we have more clouds and more rain.  We're getting
a little moldy here ... not the best weather which forces
us to do nothing but relax.


  1. Oh no we are sitting here trying to blow the rain clouds away for you. Do chillax while you wait for the weather to clear, Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. aw too bad about the weather but the quilt looks great