Friday, October 11, 2013

Resting Westies & Misc. Vacation Stuff

 With all the rain and nasty weather the westies still missed their after
breakfast nap as well as their afternoon pre-dinner naps {they were just
plain busy watching the neighborhood from the top deck - their lookout post}.
By the end of the day they're tuckered out.  It's not often we see them sleep
side by side like this so I stopped by sewing and took a few pictures.
 So while the westies were sleeping on the big sofa we went out
to dinner.  JK's is one of Wilson's favorite restaurants in the Outer Banks.
 JK's was packed last night and since they don't take reservations
we got there early.  It was burger night and guess what I ordered!
 Don't bother us ... we need our beauty sleep!
 Christmas Kitty Quilt ... I really like this one.
 I found the kitty Christmas panel in Lancaster, PA during on one of my fabric
shopping trips.  The two fabrics used for the outer borders came from the
 free table at one of our Guild meetings.
 Peace ... Love ... Joy
 I normally don't make a 'scrappy' binding but thought this quilt would
be cute with one.  I used the two border fabrics to make the scrappy binding.
 Derby checking out the chair.
 Before we had westies I had two cats named Ruffles & Bows.
Ruffles lived to 21-1/2 years old ... we decided no westies until
our very senior Ruffles passed since westies are bred to hunt prey
and a cat is considered prey to them!  We let Ruffles live out her
final years in ultimate comfort before we got Julep.

But as all good things come to an end our vacation is almost at
it's end ... since the weather is going to be not so great we're thinking
of heading home one day early ... but who knows ... the sun may
break in our favor one last time before we leave.  I still have one
more quilt to finish the binding on ... I call it the Christmas black capped
chick-a-dee quilt that I'm making just for me ... me ... me!


  1. Such a pity about the nasty weather but despite it we hope you had a good time. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. too bad about the weather. I love the fabrics you used for the quilt. The cats are so cute