Friday, October 11, 2013

On the road to John's Drive In for lunch.

 Leaving the Olde Duck Beach Road we headed out for lunch
 to John's Drive In on the recommendation from friends Katie & Charlie.

 John's has a walk-up window only and the menu is written on a chalk board.
We stopped by earlier in the week only to find the written sign {below} in
the window so we made it a point to go back today. This is the last
open weekend for John's this season.
 Each restaurant has a health department inspection rating posted
in their front window.  John's has a 94 rating.
 Wilson placing our order.  Shortly after we arrived the walk-up window
became a sea of people looking for their last taste of John's famous mahi-mahi
fish and chips boat for the season. 

 Talk about intent!

 If Daddy Wilson doesn't share his fish sandwich I'm going to jump
over this seat and steal it.
Wilson did share some of his fish with the westies.  I ordered
a burger {since I'm not a fish person} and we both ordered 
milkshakes ... one vanilla and one chocolate ... very thick and very good.
This little place was a real find and we'll go back.
Tonight we're going to a new restaurant [for us] called 
Paper Canoe which was also a recommendation from Katie & Charlie.
There is one thing about this area there is no lack of restaurant choices.

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  1. I like the sign "till Sunday or whenever we run out of food"