Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We received our first Christmas gift!

 Derby  ... notice his little pink tongue?
We received our first Christmas gift yesterday from Dorene.
She is the westies groomer and as you can see
being groomed takes a lot out of them.  Derby and Julep both
needed a nap after we got home prior to dinner.
 Of course, I warmed this in the dryer for them.
 Taking the power nap ... Julep.
 close-up of the throw. 
Dorene found this in Home Goods.
 As you can see the stocking are hung
by the fireplace already.
 With a little power nap they were good to play.

 I will be putting up {really can't wait to get this project done}
the Christmas tree in the next day or so. 
So have a good day ... and hopefully by Saturday
the tree will be up and decorated!


  1. they look even more adorable sleeping.

  2. Have a tremendous Thursday and we look forward to seeing your tree which we know will be gorgeous..
    Best wishes Molly