Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Typical Saturday Around The House

 Dreams of pixies and treats dancing through Derby's
head as he naps under my holiday quilt.
 Watching me while nice and comfy.
 The tree chock full of ornaments.

 A westie ornament ... with mushroom behind.
I adore mushroom ornaments, mushroom print fabric,
anything mushroom ... but don't give them to me to eat.
 Julep ... always on guard watching the yard.
 Late Saturday afternoon I finished a bunch of doll clothing
that will be mailed on Monday.  Of course, Derby
has to get right in the middle my sorting, wrapping & packing.
 It may be winter ... but spring fashions will be out sooner
than we think.  

 I have one little girl was loves owls so I had to go and buy
owl fabric.  I decided to make her a pillowcase for fun and
had enough fabric left over to make two simple dresses.

 The little girl who will be getting this outfit has a grandmother who 
shows westies so this fabric is a natural for her.  
I'm sending her a pillowcase I made [awhile back] from this fabric.
Derby King of the Fabric Pile
 The stack of fabric I want to do something with but
don't have a clue what to do with it yet!
 Finally the sun ... Julep catching a few rays to turn her nose from a 
'snow nose' brown to a nice summer black nose.
 JoAnn's had Christmas fabric at 50% off so a few yards
just had to come home with me for my stash.
 If it's on the floor ... then anything goes!
Who cares if I just pressed this.
 Derby ... claiming his spot.
How cute is this!  I was taking a picture of Derby when
Julep came over and put her head on my leg.
This is one of those priceless moments.


  1. You are making us feel so festive. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. they are so cute. I picked up some Christmas fabric at Joann also but I haven't cut into it