Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow, Sleet & Rain on Sunday

Happy Westies 
So what do you do when the weather is just plain yucky?
You stay indoors and nest in warm sheets from the dryer, of course!
 I can't believe this ... our French roses are blooming.
 Derby must have gotten hot in the warm sheets.
I just happen to catch him sleeping like this on the floor
while I was upstairs getting ready to sew.
 The camellia is by our front door & is beautiful to see blooming in December.
 Julep the westie who lives in the lap of luxury.
 Another scrappy Christmas quilt made from all those 2-1/2" strips I 
received in the Facebook strip swap.  This quilt went from hours
into days & days went into weeks to finish.  I'll be doing a
very simple machine quilting on this today ... then I'll finishing with a
scrappy binding made from various green fabrics 
separated by the white on white holly fabric.
 Derby ... putting his paws of approval on the quilt.
All the best for a great Monday.


  1. Just popping by to say have a marvellous Monday. we lost Pippin yesterday so will catch up tomorrow.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMG, the first picture they look soooo cute! I love your blog background very pretty.

  3. They sure do have it