Monday, December 16, 2013

Quilt Pattern: Garden Bloom

 Dear Readers ... do not let Derby make you feel sorry for him.
He gets 2 square meals per day, a few treats in between and
a good brushing - fur and teeth - at least every other day.
 I'm still trying my best to use get ride of the rest of those
2-1/2" wide strips.  I found this simple pattern called 
Garden Blooms in the book called "Quilts from Sweet Jane"
by Sue Pfau.  So far this quilt has been easy to piece together.
 It took me less then a day to cut & sew the blocks together. 
I did a quick layout {below} using the diagram {above}.
 It's sort of an interesting pattern which I will make again.
Next time I'll use another color instead of white for the large blocks.
 While I was in Annapolis today I stopped in Cottonseed Glory which
is a fabric/quilt store right next to the Naval Academy.  
What I love about this store is they have completed quilts on display
with the pre-cut fabric kits right under it.  Since I'm not the best at
picking fabric and colors this is a perfect solution for me.  The "English
County Garden" quilt using the Primrose Path pattern is my 
Christmas present to myself.  They had several nautical quilts which 
were cute but more for a child's room so I passed on them for now.
The pink flower fabric which you see most of in the picture 
above is what I picked for the backing.
This is {what I hope} my finished quilt will look like minus all that
fancy quilting {which I do not have the patience to do}.
.. Happy  Holidays ..


  1. Those are some lovely Spring looking fabrics there. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. what a nice gift to yourself. As cute as Derby is I don't buy his sob story because I know how Duke can get making people feel sorry for