Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa, Holiday Pillowcases & American Girl Slacks

Vintage Santa 
How many sleeps do we have until Santa arrives?
 I made two holiday pillowcases just for Faye & Jay.
Their package should arrive today in the mail. 
If you get time visit their mom Helen to see
what she's creating now:
 I have a tiny piece leftover which I think I can squeeze something
out of.  If not I cut all my scrap pieces into various size blocks for
a one-day scrappy block quilt.  I don't waste an inch of
fabric if I don't have to.

 Derby ... while I was packing up the pillowcases.  He wasn't
sure how he could help {which saved me time}.

 I don't make slacks very often but I was in the mood to make
some.  I sent the top two pair to Faye for her American
Girl doll.  The others will go into the practically non-existent 
stash of doll clothing I like to keep on hand.

I'm not that bad yet ... but I'm getting close!
Happy Holidays


    I saw this yesterday and thought of you.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. very nice vintage Santa. You sure do know how to find the cute fabric