Thursday, December 26, 2013

We Had A Nice Christmas

We trust everyone had a delightful Christmas Day
full of gifts, food, family & fun.
Peace On Earth
 Wilson & decided we wouldn't buy gifts for each
other but what we would do is head to the Apple Store 
and get new iPhone's since ours are the first 'edition'.
See How He Listens!
 But as you can see & read ... he didn't keep to the plan!
A crystal filled thumb drive for those that can't figure out 
what this is ... it's used to save and/or copy pictures.
I've also been collecting the Swarovski Christmas star & angel 
{of the year ornaments} ... but Wilson couldn't resist buying this little gadget!
I love those colorful loose crystals!
Swarovski added a tiny sack of colored crystals to the order that are 
displayed above.  I'm searching for a glass jar to put them in.
I love things that sparkle!
For my next trick ... I mean for my next quilt
"Apple of my Eye" Block 
I'm still in the Christmas fabric mood and am starting
another quilt - no surprise here.  The 'Apple of my Eye' block
has a lot of pieces to it which is fun learning.
I'll show you a block or two when I get them together.

Wishing You A Great Post-Xmas Day!


  1. LOL that is one heck of a bling gadget. Love it. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm assuming you weren't too hard on Wilson for not going with the plan to not buy

  3. Don't you just love it, sometime when a man doesn't listen! :)